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Our health and wellness exclusive spa like destination in Waconia Minnesota is dedicated to helping you live life in the moment through an array of services and wellness activities supporting your mental health.

Our broad health activities and private session offerings are curated by our collective professionals and tailored to your specific needs.

Heal and Strengthen Mind, Body & Soul
Whole Body & Health

Our Purpose

The Hive Collective


Heather Boll, Owner, has dedicated her life to bring global change and accessibility for all to receive mental health and wellness services. She owns and operates three innovative mental health and wellness companies. Heather Boll Keynote Speaking and Coaching, The Hive, and Apiary Aerial Studio. 

The Hive’s “merging modalities model” provides you with boundless healing and evolution. 

  • We are professionals dedicated to modernizing, improving, and enhancing our health and wellness systems.
  • We provide fresh visions, present-day approaches designed to enrich every aspect of your life.
  • Mental, physical, and spiritual health must be restored. This begins with mental and emotional health.
  • Our inner wounds can ravage our body physically, our relationships, career, finances, happiness, and overall quality of life.
  • Our exclusive experiences and services utilize multiple healing modalities simultaneously.
  • We consider your time, financial resources, and energy as sacred.

Our Values

  • Acceptance to what is. While life may throw you a curveball or two… we believe everything in life happens “for you”. Your pain will not be discarded or belittled. We will face your shadows and find the gold that lies within. 
  • Wholeness – you came into the world whole. It’s only through life circumstances, cultural programing, and childhood conditioning, that we lose sight of our true selves. Our mission is to support and guide you to your highest and most authentic self. 
  • Love is at our core, innately rooted and available to all. Love is the highest frequency in which humans can operate on. We believe self-love is the best medicine, gratitude moves mountains, and kindness is the most powerful force in the universe.

It’s essential to engage in **respectful** and open dialogue, providing information and understanding to address concerns about Peer Support Specialists’ ethical practice. We are committed to providing a positive and effective approach to our mental health professionals shortage and epidemic response!

Our promise to you results in timeliness, sustainable evolution, integrity, and a deep love for yourself and others.

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