Welcome to Waconia's First Aerial Studio

Come drift away in our soft silk hammocks during a Floating Meditation.

Challenge yourself during a fitness routine. These silk hammocks support up to 1000Lbs! No experience needed.

Floating Meditation & Sound Bath

Release your mind’s stress, tension, or worry while you “float” weightlessly in the air. 

Calm your nervous system with this innovative self-care system. 

Be bathed in sound-scapes lovingly created to nourish your entire being while suspended in the aerial hammock.

Aerial Experience

Aerial Experience, also referred to as Anti-Gravity Fitness, shares a lot similarities with traditional fitness. 

However, there’s a big difference. When participating in Aerial Fitness classes, the weight of your body will be supported by a hammock. 

This means you’ll be suspended in the air! It’s a great option for beginners all the way up to  experienced yoga performers. 

Aerial Hybrid Class

Sample all three, Aerial Fitness Floating Meditation, and a Sound Bath!

Aerial Studio Private Party

Looking for a fun way to spend your next birthday, girls day or bachelorette party? Join us at The Hive for an Aerial Party!! No experience needed. 

Choose your class. Enjoy add ons such as a coffee bar, breakfast tray, smoothie bar, mock tail bar, or appetizer tray.

Contact info@hivemn.com to book your party today!

Healing and Strengthening Mind, Body, and Soul

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