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Do you ever get the sense that you have a dark side? (Blocked and suppressed emotional pain) Are there parts of you you’d rather keep hidden? These are common feelings. Learn to tap into this “dark side” to deepen self-awareness and growth. Shadow work involves bringing these unconscious desires to the forefront so we can better understand them, heal them and integrate them in a healthy way to bring productive change in our lives.

Benefits of shadow work can include:

  • Feeling whole or integrated as a person
  • Improved interactions with others
  • Healing generational trauma 
  • Learning healthy ways to meet your needs
  • Healthily Boundaries
Who should attend:
  • Negative self-talk
  • Experiences stress
  • Experiences mental health difficulties, like depression and anxiety
  • Wanting clarity and a deeper
  • Understanding/awareness of self
  • Desires to end generational conflict and toxic cycles
  • Self-soothes with drugs or alcohol

Join our facilitators as they hold a safe space for you and your significant other to do remarkable work. Couples recommended but not required. Prepare to learn self awareness, confidence, stronger self-worth, communication, trust and gain a new perspective on intimacy/sexuality which ultimately leads to a more satisfying sex life, built on trust, respect, and communication.


  • How to help your relationship move to the next level of connection and safety
  • How to identify the differences between what sex and desire is
  • How to identify non-physical types of intimacy that are often forgotten about but sometimes are even more rewarding.
  • How to self-advocate for pleasure with handouts to fill in.
  • Unfolding Emotional Blockages, bringing awareness to underlying emotional pain.
  • Learning Emotional Solutions, level up your emotional game.
  • Expectations, “am I normal”& cultural conditioning.
  • Pain, vulnerability, and healing (trauma, abuse, past experiences)
  • The difference between men and women. (Positive Communication)
  • “Oneness” and Sex
  • Desire and Arousal
  • The 12 steps of Lovemaking

Join us for our 1st Destination Hive Retreat in Destin Florida!

What’s included?

  • Four Night Stay Luxury Beach
  • Front and Private Pool Home
  • Private King Bedroom
  • Private Bathroom
  • All Inclusive Meals & Refreshment’s
    (this will be an alcohol and substance free retreat)
  • Daily breakout sessions, yoga, meditation, breathe work, transformative healing inner work, energy work, and so much more.
  • Spa Amenities 
  • Excursion
Information about Destin Florida:
Destin sits on the Florida Panhandle on the Gulf of Mexico and is home to stunning white sandy beaches, emerald green water, and often referred to as the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”.
This beach town is known for its plentiful fishing, challenging golf courses, mouth-watering seafood restaurants, and incredible Gulf views.
Destin Florida offers a wide variety of activities including parasailing, watersports, dolphin cruises, aquariums, theme parks, and more.
Ready to go ALL in???
Payment one (583.30) holds your spot and is non refundable the
additional 5 payments of $583.30 over the next 6 months.

(Flight and transportation to and from airport are not included, you are responsible for airfare and Ubers).

Join us for a night of connection and community! Open to all!
Get to know The Hive Community, connect with professionals, and have FUN!!
Please bring your own (wine/adult beverages) food/refreshments and music will be provided!

Wellness Retreats

“In retreat we create the space so that women can find the questions that are at the center of their life.” Once we experience this kind of loving attention, we recognize it as a longing for ourselves. “It’s awkward at first. But then there is a sigh of relief, like coming home.” 

2020 Fall Retreat in Pequot Lakes, MN

2021 Spring Retreat in Isle, MN