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Health and Wellness Services

Health and Wellness Services

We offer a variety of health and wellness services at The Hive and the Apiary. We work with body, mind, and soul.  Located in downtown Waconia, our professionals are conveniently located and accessible within walking distance of local residences.


Physical Fitness and Nutrition

Nutritional education and physical fitness are key components to the overall health of our physical body. Our goal for physical health is to work with you where you are through inclusivity, body positivity, healing traumas, and increasing knowledge. Variety of services available.

Health and Wellness Services

Mental Health and Wellness Services

Each person is uniquely gifted and challenged, with individual areas to explore, grow and heal. Upon identifying each client’s needs, our team equips you with peer counseling, support circles, and workshops to guide you in your journey.

Health and Wellness Services
Health and Wellness Services, Retreats

Local, Destination & International Retreats

During retreats, we create the space so that you can find the questions that are at the center of your life. Once we experience this kind of loving attention, we recognize it as a longing for ourselves. It is like coming home.

Health and Wellness Services

Energy Healing and Meditation

Soul care is defined as the support and restoration of the wellbeing of persons in their totality (mind, body and spirit) with particular concern for the inner life.

Health and Wellness Services

Health and Wellness Services: Create Your Plan

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