Heather Boll


heal her peer support

Heather Boll Author, Keynote Speaker, Transformational Coach, Peer Counselor, Sound Healer, and Wellness Expert. She has decades of training and experience in the fields of mental health, holistic wellness, and mind, body, soul healing modalities. Including Peer Counseling, Soul Awakenings Meditation/Mindfulness, and Sound Healing. She brings a powerful yet compassionate presence, guidance, and healing.  


Heather will move you far beyond programmed limitations, awaken your soul, and activate a powerful inner confidence. Heather is a brilliant healer. She unblocks emotional wounds, trauma, and fears. Allowing you to fulfill your deepest desires and wildest dreams. 


Heather’s lectures, workshops, and private sessions have transformed thousands of lives and counting. With her wealth of knowledge and experiences, she inspires, aligns, and brings clarity to all who seek her gifts and wisdom. 


Heather has dedicated her life to bring global change and accessibility for all to receive mental health and wellness services. She owns and operates three innovative mental health and wellness companies. Heather Boll Keynote Speaking and Coaching, The Hive, and Apiary Aerial Studio. 


Areas of Focus:

Couples, Youth/Young Adult Resilience, Confidence, and Challenges Relationships/Marriage, Divorce, Soul Awakenings, Release Fear, Grief/Ambiguous Loss, Bereavement, Self-Harm, Suicide Ideation and Survivors, Sexual Trauma, Childhood Trauma, Healing the Inner Child, Ego Work, Special Need Parenting, Anxiety, Depression, Emetophobia, and Addiction, Cancer/Serious Illness   


Services: Private Sessions, Workshops, and Professional Speaking and Development. On location upon request.