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Not too long ago, I was amid the most difficult battle of my life, the battle between my ears. Unmanaged and out of control; anxiety, depression, panic disorder, ADHD, and suicidal ideation nearly took my life. I was in therapy, had been on antidepressants for years, and yet I needed more. Maybe you can relate to this or perhaps it sounds like someone you love.


I craved a daily practice yet had NO CLUE where to begin. I wanted something that offered tips and tangible tools that could be used in REAL TIME. Additionally, I wanted connection with others who understood anxiety and depression because they too experienced living with a mental illness. I searched high and low, looking for services that supported the everyday woman when life tossed a curve ball, or a full-blown global pandemic. Life as we know it is constantly changing and we deserve support. I knew I could not be the only person that wanted something like this, so I opened The Hive in March 2020. As I suspected, others needed the same thing. We have served hundreds of women and continue to evolve as the needs of our community are ever changing. The Hive is here to guide you, bring comfort, and help you feel less alone during ANY season of life.


While we all walk different paths, we wear similar shoes. We all have a deep yearning for connection and healing. Take a leap of faith, sample a circle, class, or workshop and FEEL the impact it has. Healing is an act of self-love and courage. Please know that you are considered, you matter, and you are enough. NOW is your time to stand in your power, go outside your comfort zone, and push the boundaries.


Growth may be uncomfortable and a bit scary, but loneliness is optional. Give yourself the gift of inner peace, contentment, and self-love by joining The Hive Family today.


Sending you all the love and energy today and always, 





Heather is a Mental Health State Certified Peer Specialist Minnesota DHS, and a Wellness Expert. She has decades of training and experience in the fields of mental health, holistic wellness, and mind, body, soul healing modalities. Including Peer Counseling, Soul Awakenings Meditation/Mindfulness, and Vibrational Healing. She brings a powerful yet compassionate presence, guidance, and healing.  


Heather will move you far beyond programmed limitations, awaken your soul, and activate a powerful inner confidence. Heather is a brilliant healer. She unblocks emotional wounds, trauma, and fears. Allowing you to fulfill your deepest desires and wildest dreams. 


Heather’s lectures, workshops, and private sessions have transformed hundreds of lives and counting. With her wealth of knowledge and experiences, she inspires, aligns, and brings clarity to all who seek her gifts and wisdom. 


Heather has dedicated her life to bring global change and accessibility for all to receive mental health and wellness services. She owns and operates three innovative mental health and wellness companies. Heal Her Peer Support, The Hive, and Apiary Aerial Studio. 


owner of metanoia brand development, 

The hive Customer Service 

and Administrative Assistant


Joy has extensive experience in administration and management roles in behavioral, dental health, and with non-profits. She appreciates working as a team towards a common goal, and is passionate about serving and supporting others.


In her branding business, Metanoia, she is passionate about coming alongside business owners and entrepreneurs to bring their vision to life. 

Joy is available at The Hive Monday- Friday 10:00am-1:00pm to answer questions, help set up appointments, and give tours.


She is married and a mother of four children. Some of their favorite family times are playing in the pool or relaxing on the deck while grilling. In her rare moments of free time, she loves exercising, dabbling with macrame, or simply enjoying coffee in a quiet space.


Owner of Waterside Healthcare 

& Wellness, DNP, APRN, FNP-C


Dr. Siddons is a graduate from the University of Minnesota School of Nursing in both the Family Nurse Practitioner and Health Innovation & Leadership doctoral tracks. There she also received a certificate for Healthcare Design. She currently works in urgent care and primary care, among other specialty areas for the elderly. She has a special interest in holistic health and wellness, including mental health. 


Dr. Siddons is passionate about patient safety and quality, which has led her to be involved in the University of Minnesota’s Regional Training Center for TeamSTEPPS. She remains actively engaged in improving the health of patients through partnership and collaboration. She loves spending time with her family and friends in the great outdoors and traveling.


Owner of Children’s Coping Connection, MA, 

Certified Child Life Specialist


Laura Sufka, MA, CCLS is a certified child life specialist at Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota and adjunct professor for the University of Minnesota within the Institute of Child Development graduate courses. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. Prior to her current positions, she worked as a child life specialist at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital and is co-founder of the Minnesota Child Life Coalition. Laura is passionate about play in the lives of children and youth and has worked with children and families impacted by illness and life events in her community for more than 20 years. 


Her work focuses on supporting patients and families with chronic illness, grief support, sibling support groups, educating staff on the importance of therapeutic play within pediatric healthcare, emergency care and long term coping of pediatric patients. 


In her spare time Laura enjoys baking, being outside in nature, and spending time traveling with her husband Eric and their three children.






Shannon Turek is a Fitness Instructor and Enthusiast. Shannon is excited to offer in-person and virtual personal training and fitness classes. As a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer, and from years of experience, Shannon can work with you to help you meet your goals. She will determine what your needs are and build a personalized plan that is unique as you are. From nutrition to activity to sleep, Shannon can help you determine the best path for you. Playing off your strengths while introducing new things, she will work with you every step of the way. 


There are a variety of training packages offered. The level commitment is up to you!


She is a mom of 2, wife of Matt, and lover of Waconia.





Jessica is a licensed registered nurse with five years of experience providing patient care alongside fifteen years of experience in the health care industry. She combines her clinical background and a holistic approach with reiki energy healing.


After navigating anxiety and PTSD brought on by years in a mentally and physically abusive marriage, Jessica believes we all experience life’s peaks, valleys, and plateaus. Then, just when it seems like we’ve got it all figured out, things shift, our purpose changes, and new journeys begin.


Through it all, there’s energy inside of us and everything we encounter. Sometimes we’re beautiful messes, sometimes we’re full of grace, sometimes we feel empty, and sometimes we shine.


Jessica is passionate about bringing a little bit of balance to your journey by offering reiki energy healing as a way to compliment your path to wellness.


OWNER OF young forever photography


Dana is a professional photographer and owner of Forever Young Photography for over 15 years.  She believes that LOVE is what life is all about.  Marriage, family, children, home. She understands the relationships between all of these things because she lives it everyday.  She sees the world in a series of snapshots…ordinary moments emphasized by extraordinary emotional connections. 
Photographs are an investment in life’s special moments and once-in-a-lifetime memories. She offers many different varieties of photography services such as; Family, children, high school seniors, newborns, proposals/engagements, weddings, business photos, team sports & company events.  
Dana will be offering special photography packages and services for The Hive members. 




I am passionate about creating compassion, ease and pleasure for myself and clients through yoga, intuitive guiding and traditional Japanese Reiki. 


I am a fully insured RYT-500 certified yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance. I offer yoga classes at the studio, events, schools, and retreats. My classes include Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Children’s Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga and Aerial Yoga. I integrate the 8 Limbs of Yoga in my daily life and in my yoga classes. 


I am an Okiden Level Jikiden Reiki student. I practice traditional Japanese Reiki which provides simplicity to people’s health and healing. You can book a private session with me to experience this type of healing. 


I practice Intuitive Guiding. Using my abilities and experiences, I guide individuals to build a relationship with their bodies and minds. Sessions are individualized and focused on calming your mind and connecting to your spirit.  


Yoga, Japanese Reiki and Intuitive Guiding, have given me more compassion with myself and others as well as more ease in life. I offer these practices to you in an effort to share experiencing more compassion, ease and pleasure in your life.


Registered Nurse, 

Be Body Positive Licensed Facilitator, 

Certified Holistic and Lifestyle Coach


Hello, I am Kristin Kraemer. I grew up in the Waconia area, moving here in 1987. I am married and my husband and I have two daughters. My husband and I have known each other almost our entire lives! The community has always been ‘home’ for me. I am a Registered Nurse, Be Body Positive Licensed Facilitator and a Certified Holistic and Lifestyle Coach.

My goal as a lifestyle and holistic health coach is to help individuals achieve their health goals through education, discussion, motivation, support, guidance and understanding with compassion. Understanding comes from lived experiences of my own with health challenges, depression, anxiety and body image. I will strive to meet you where you are at in your journey. Making lifestyle changes is not easy for many and without the support of others, it can be daunting. The great things about making lifestyle changes are the outcomes: confidence, knowledge, feeling better inside and out, and knowing you are doing the very best thing for your body and mind!


In my downtime you will find me with my family, dogs, doing Diamond Art, crafting, reading, knitting, out on the lake (open and ice), spending time with nature, or hanging out with friends.

I am here to help support you on your personal transformation journey!


Areas of Interest: self-care/self-love, body positivity, self image, women’s & adolescent/tween health, and mental health.





My name is Randy Young, my life is now ordered by faith, family, and friends, more to come on that. I have worked my entire professional career in the IT industry designing, writing, or leading teams all aligned with building enterprise software. I’m very happily married to Danielle for 25 years, with 2 amazing children. Paige is a sophomore in college and Carter is a sophomore in high school.


I really enjoy building things, that is probably why I do what I do in my career in IT. However, I really enjoy everything DIY, helping my friends and family with many projects. While I’m not doing that, I’m either in the woods hunting or on a frozen lake ice fishing.
While advancing through my career, more responsibilities resulted in more stress. Along with that, went a very aggressive social calendar that included a lot of partying and heavy drinking. This pace caught up with me on January 6th 2020, I went through a mental breakdown, did not get out of bed for a week. My priorities in life were out of order.
I now realize that chasing my own dreams of climbing the professional ladder does not mean a thing. I now realize that God was trying to tell me that helping others was the position on the team he built me for.
My priorities are back in alignment, all my time is spent by helping others in different ways. I’m going to use my life experience to help other men dealing with mental illness. I will be training in January to become a Certified Peer Support Specialist. I have started teaming with the Hive in Waconia starting a men’s group called the Speakeasy.

I’m also looking at moving away from IT and into starting my own handyman service providing pretty much everything DIY that you can think of. I have been doing this my entire life and have a lot of experience and passion for it.

Serving Men who need support. Facilitating Men’s Speak Easy Circle .

Registered Nurse, 




Trisha combines 20+ years of Nursing experience in Clinical and Hospital setting along with her holistic approach to Health and Wellbeing with Reiki and High Vibrational Wellness Coaching. 


Trisha is a natural healer and was trained in Usui line of Reiki. She is passionate about the natural flow of energy for overall wellbeing and teaches on balancing the chakras with food, crystals, and breath work. 


Her passion is assisting you on your journey to wellness and find relief from feeling stuck, disconnected from self, pain, or stress by touching the hearts of her clients through reiki. She is also a true believer that we can consciously create our life through aligning our chakras with high vibrational foods, and knowing that every thought, word, or action can shift your energy.  


She truly believes that health is not just the food you feed your body, but also what you feed your mind and soul and is very passionate about assisting you on your journey to healing through Reiki.


Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) 

and owner of Washed in Wellness


Jamie Simmons is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) and owner of Washed in Wellness. She helps clients take back their power with food, healing the gut, transforming their mindset, and empowering them to create their own path. After her own health struggles had her feeling overwhelmed and alone, she started advocating for herself and found a path just for her. She believes that digestive health is one of the most important foundations of whole-body wellness. Now as a Gut Mind Connection Coach, she makes nutrition simple and customized to your specific needs. She stops the overwhelm of diet changes. You don’t have to do this alone; she will walk beside you and empower you to your success.  She strives to make goals achievable and practical, meeting clients where they are and supporting them throughout their journey. 


Jamie, her family, and clients have seen massive results from nutritional and lifestyle changes. Her passion is sharing this information with you and cheering you on in your own wins.  


Special interest; Education on clean eating, digestion, gut health and living in a parasympathetic state. Emotions and eating habits.  




Ann is truly one of a kind human. Ann is a mom of three kids, enjoys the great outdoors, and a loves to introvert with a good book. She is a talented creative artist. Ann share’s her talents and love for creative expression every other Thursday evening 6:30PM at The Hive.


If you are interested in hosting an event, or partnering with The Hive, please call 952-567-9210 or email us at info@hivemn.com

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