marnie pauly

Marnie is a wife of a traveling husband, mother of two children and three dogs, and survivor of burnout!  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography, Master’s Degree in education, and is a licensed as a Reading Specialist and in Educational Leadership.  She is also a licensed Life Coach.  Through her own personal experiences navigating extreme overwhelm leading to burnout she will work with individuals & groups towards finding their internal power before reaching burnout.  


Marnie is passionate about women’s mental health and helping all women prioritize their needs to prevent burnout.  Highly compassionate, understanding, & knowledgeable, Marnie will work with you through the highs and lows of your journey. This may involve ‘take-home’ work at times, as well as thought provoking discussions, and inner healing. Marnie will awaken your inner self & soul, inspire, and move you toward healing and joy one step at a time.


Marnie hosts retreats and workshops at The Hive and facilitates circles alongside the Director and Owner of The Hive.


Areas of interest:  self-sabotage, burnout, depression, anxiety, overwhelm, boundaries, simplicity, and all things dog and Harry Potter related.  

We are a private pay entitiy. We accept HSA, FSA, Cash and All Major Credit Cards.