Mental Health Services for Individual and Couples

Youth Counseling

During the teenage years, striking changes take place in the body as well as the brain. Youth are particularly vulnerable to mental health challenges which include depression, anxiety, ADHD, self-harm, eating disorders, and more. The Hive offers a convenient and safe place for teens to connect, share stories and provide encouragement. Positive social support is a critical component to developing into a healthy adult.

Peer Counseling

Peer Counseling is a non-clinical pathway offering professional mental healthcare. Peer Specialists are uniquely trained to draw from personal history to serve others with similar life experiences. The relatability and “me too” mentality serve as a powerful tool to break barriers, cultivate inner empowerment, and foster unshakable confidence. Peer Specialist are universally recognized and have evidence-based best practices. Personal connections, with powerful results.

Couples Coaching

The key to a successful life partnership is to work together with your partner to become clear about what you each want. Once this happens, the choices and opportunities necessary for success will easily present themselves.

Business Coaching

The goal of business coaching is to help you design a vision for your business that aligns with your values and the goals that you have for your life.

Community Support


Circles offer support, guidance, and a safe space to be seen, heard, and understood. Each circle provides a vast amount of knowledge, resources, and wellness tools to evolve everyone no matter where you are on your journey. Our focus is on connection, friendships, and support to navigate life’s ups and downs together.

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