Our Team

Heather Boll

Owner and Director of Heal Her Peer Support and The Hive 

Heather is a Mental Health State Certified Peer Support Specialist and nationally recognized Professional Speaker, on a mission to change how others view and talk about mental health. Having waded through her own mental health issues, she finds the connection to be deep and meaningful with each of her clients. Heather stands up to stigma by providing a voice to those in the darkness and an essential road map of resources to achieve recovery! Empowering YOU is what transformed her burden to a blessing and fuels her to keep moving forward and empowering those around her to live fearlessly authentic lives.
Special Interests Include: Anxiety and Depression, Social Anxiety, Finding Passion and Purpose, Grief Support, Confidence and Inner Critic Work, Self Harm, Mindset and Mindfulness Work, Ambiguous Loss, Suicide Ideation and Suicide Survivors, Career Changes, Parenting and Marriage Empowerment.

Tiffany Splettstoeszer

Assistant Director of The Hive and Peer Support Specialist and Certified Integrative Wellness Coach

After spending the last 15 years in New York and Los Angeles, Tiffany is on a mission to help bring healing to her hometown. Her passion for relational healing developed from her own experiences with abusive relationships and divorce, and her journey through anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Tiffany uses her faith and personal testimony to partner with you from a position of understanding, empathy, and curiosity. Her holistic approach helps guide you and provides you with tools to empower your own ‘heartwork’ toward healing. She believes it is only through complete vulnerability and authenticity that we can uncover our real identity, and truly connect with ourselves and those around us from a place of love and wholeness.

Special Interests Include: Relational Healing, Domestic Abuse and Trauma, Divorce and Breakups, Self Esteem, Anxiety, and Depression.

Stacy Zellmann

State Certified Peer Provider and Recovery Specialist

Stacy will guide and support you with a warm, human, reality-based voice that offers practical guidance in developing community support systems. Stacy provides “street cred” to her recovery program. Stacy is living proof that addiction recovery works if you put in the energy and time it takes to get sober. With patience, compassion, and support Stacy will walk you from addiction to recovery.
Special Interests Include: Addiction, Recovery, Parenting Teens, Chronic Pain/Health Conditions, Depression.

Jessica Pavelko 

Peer Support Specialist

Jessica is a Peer Support Specialist who is passionate about helping women find their self-worth, overcoming difficult life events and finding their joy. Working with mom’s is one of the most rewarding experiences as it has been the most incredible journey in her life. She has navigated parenting as a stay at home mom, a working mom and now as a single mom.  Jessica has personal experience in healing past childhood trauma, overcoming domestic abuse, healing grief, reclaiming her life after divorce and living life in recovery from addiction. Through self-care and personal development, she has found resilience and grace. She will welcome you in a warm, gentle and compassionate way to help you overcome whatever life throws at you.

Special Interests Include: Parenting-Working and Single Mom, Divorce, Co-Parenting, Addiction and Alcohol Abuse, Grief, Trauma, Domestic Abuse and Self Worth.

Rachel Swanson 

Administration and Creative Design Specialist

Rachel Swanson works effortlessly on all the “behind the scenes” work at The Hive and Heal Her. This incredibly important work is as follows: administration work, onboarding new clients and professional partners, systems and processes, software integration, designing workbooks, templates, assistances in many areas, and keeping all of our calendars in order. 
When Rachel has free time, she enjoys spending it on the farm with her husband, son and their many animals. She also enjoys being with family and friends, riding horse, lifting weights, journaling and reading.
Rachel works as a freelance designer and virtual assistance. 

Anisha Mueller 

Certified Revelation Wellness Instructor 

Anisha Mueller is a Revelation Wellness Instructor who uses fitness as a tool to spread the good news gospel message of Jesus. Her faith-based fitness ministry is dedicated to helping others live healthy and whole lives in Christ, so that we may love others. She is a wife and mother of two and has a passion for whole-body wellness. Through her experience of special needs parenting and the grief that comes with it, Anisha has found her own healing by allowing herself the time for self-care through prayer, studying the word of God, regular exercise, and proper nutrition. Her call to action is to be the hands and feet of Jesus by helping others get healthy and whole, as well as connecting with other special needs parents, helping them navigate through the difficult waters. She offers a safe space for people to begin their own journey of loving God, getting whole, getting healthy, and loving others.

Special Interests Include: Whole Body Wellness, Group Fitness, Nutrition Education, Christian Faith, and Special Needs Parenting.

Shelly Storms-Fruehling 

Peer Recovery Coach

Shelly is a Wellness Life Coach that brings a holistic approach to addressing and healing life’s wounds. Passionate about empowering women to present struggles. Embracing the big picture and focusing on the mind, body and spirit as one unified force. She has personal experience in recovering and healing from PTSD, substance abuse, an eating disorder, sexual trauma and mental health. Together she will guild you on your journey of self-care, health and growth. Allowing you to find the power to bloom into the beautiful Lotus of strength, hope, love and inner peace. 
Special Interests Include: Addiction/Alcohol Abuse, Trauma, Mindfulness, Self Worth and Holistic Healing. 

Whitney Greenwaldt

Certified Yoga Instructor 

Whitney is a Yoga Teacher and always a Yoga Student who has a passion for warming the hearts of others and meeting others where they are at. She invites you to come fully and apologetically as you are whether you are a seasoned yogi or it is your first time knowing you will be wholeheartedly loved and accepted. She discovered yoga to be life changing in her own battle with anxiety and is on a mission to share the transformative power of yoga to bring grounding, healing and positive energy to your practice and everyday life. She graduated as a certified yoga teacher from the Yoga North Soma Yoga Institute in Duluth and has been teaching all varieties of yoga ever since. She has also hosted several yoga workshops on depression, anxiety and alleviating back and shoulder pain. Her favorite classes include restorative varieties including Yoga Nidra, Hatha Yoga and Candlelight Yoga. Whitney promotes a community of love and acceptance in each and every class. She invites you on this journey of grace and compassion to discover more about yourself through the process of yoga with her.

Amanda Hayes

Peer Fertility Mentor

Personalized guidance, resources and support to simplify your infertility journey wherever you are on your path. My 7 years of infertility experiences enable me to be your advocate and help you understand and feel that you are not alone. 

Approaches can include: Self-talk, breathing, centering/grounding, tapping, awareness, meditation, affirmations, journaling, and overall supporting a positive mindset. Also available are communication techniques and strategies, visual aids and guides for medical understanding to support infertility.

Special Interests Include: All things infertility and wellness.

The Team