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During retreats, we create the space so that individuals can find the questions that are at the center of their life. Once we experience this kind of loving attention, we recognize it as a longing for ourselves. It is like coming home.

My team and I have created retreats that offer depth and unique experiences to fully recharge and renew.


✔️ Exquisite destinations 

✔️ Eclectic attendees 

✔️ Outstanding travel experiences 

Our Luxury Retreats are detailed, extensively planned, & you do not have to lift a finger. Your ONLY job is relax and ENJOY. 

🛑 Disclaimer 🛑 if you’re looking for a deal or nothing fancy you can probably stop reading here. If you enjoy detailed luxury and being well taken care of… keep reading.

Our retreats are HIGH end and TOP notch. 

You deserve the absolute best, we will exceed all your expectations! 

Our retreats are all-inclusive Including:

* 5-star Accommodations

* Decadent Food & Non-Alcohol Beverages

* Wellness Experiences & Excursions

* Yoga & Fitness all Levels

* Elite Spa Services

* Unique Welcome Gift

* Renowned Health and Wellness Expert Facilitators and Guides 



A full day of self-care, rest, and recovery. Perfect for individuals who need a reset in their busy lives. Indulge in spa services, delicious meals, breakout sessions and more.


Over the course of a weekend, participants reconnect with their bodies, minds, souls, and develop a reverence for all aspects of their lives through mindful engagement of all the five senses.


Four-to-five-day retreats at luxury destinations in the United States, These retreats serve the body, mind, and spirit by allowing time to find greater inner peace. The focus is on escaping the world's bombardment of sounds and images, and allowing time for mind and hear to come to stillness.


International retreats provide the ultimate spiritual connection and are truly life changing experiences. Locations are thoughtfully chosen for spiritual connectivity and consciousness, with ultimate opulence. During the 7-10 day retreat, participants will practice yoga, eat nourishing food, cultivate awareness of their senses, and experience the beauty of each selected destination.

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Healing and Strengthening Mind, Body, and Soul

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