Healing and Strengthing Mind, Body, and Soul

Our vision is to bring whole mind, body, soul healing to our community through social support, one to ones, workshops, events, and retreats with a special focus on mental health.

Mental Health Services

Each person is uniquely gifted and challenged, with individual areas to explore, grow and heal. Upon identifying each client’s needs, our team equips you with peer counseling, support circles, and workshops to guide you in your journey.

Physical Fitness and Nutrition

Nutritional education and physical fitness are key components to the overall health of our physical body. Our goal for physical health is to work with you where you are through inclusivity, body positivity, healing traumas, and increasing knowledge.

Energy Healing and Meditation

Soul care is defined as the support and restoration of the wellbeing of persons in their totality (mind, body and spirit) with particular concern for the inner life.

Local, Destination and International Retreats

During retreats, we create the space so that women can find the questions that are at the center of their life. Once we experience this kind of loving attention, we recognize it as a longing for ourselves. It is like coming home.


The Hive provides a variety of services to heal and strengthen the Mind, Body, and Soul. 

Mind. Services that focus on Mental Health:

  • One to one appointments with coaches and Certified Peer Support Specialists for youth, individuals, and couples. 
  • Circles (groups), workshops, and retreats to grow collectively with like-minded people.


Body. Services that focus on Physical Fitness:

  • Personal training
  • Group fitness classes
  • Aerial Yoga


Soul. Soul Work is the process of bringing the essential self – the soul – out of hiding. It’s a fundamental shift away from occupying the constructed self, and toward the art of living from our soul. Services that focus on Soul Work:

  • One to one appointments
  • Floating meditation
  • Reiki
  • Vibrational healing or sound baths
  • Breath work
  • Visualization
  • Mindfulness

One to Ones: Individual coaching/Peer Support typically happens in 30- to 50-minute blocks of time in person or via phone. The program is 100% customized to the individual’s or couple’s needs and desires.


Circles: Individuals who want to feel empowered themselves and learn how to empower others. It’s for people who are open to feedback who want to better themselves personally and professionally, alongside others who are experiencing similar life experiences. The group offers different perspectives to draw from, all giving you feedback on your experiences and new ideas to tackle a situation. 


Workshops: A class or series of classes in which a small group of people learn methods and skills. Each Workshop will have a specific focus to heal and strengthen the mind, body, and soul.


Retreats: The Hive hosts a variety of retreats:

  • Day
  • Weekend (2-3 days in Minnesota)
  • Destination (5-7 days at a US location)
  • International Retreats (7-10 days at an exclusive International location)

Retreats are for those who are seeking more immersion, peace, spiritual connection and purpose to their lives. 

The Hive is a collective team of health and wellness entrepreneurs. We do not have employees; each brand/business works for themselves. Team Hive works as a team to serve our community, guests, and members efficiently.

All Hive members receive 24/7 access to our secure facilities, complementary snack and beverage bars, as well as 10% off Hive Merchandise and Workshops, as well as Community Social Mixers.


Additional benefits are received based on the membership package chosen. For more information on membership options, please visit our membership page.

Our members have built a community that is a safe space that makes it easier for them to be candid, original, and authentic. It is a place where expressions of vulnerability are encouraged. The Hive is where women can go to at any time to feel safer, feel empowered, and have access to information, education, recreational activities, support, and integrated services. Members receive priority appointments, reservations, promotions, and 10% off all Hive services. 

All women, youth and others are welcome to utilize The Hive’s services by purchasing a drop-in or membership payment option. Drop-ins for circles are $20. Memberships vary starting at $125/month. Prices vary for 1-1 appointments.

Main Location: 29 East Main Street, Waconia, MN

MN Apiary Aerial Studio: 37 East Main Street, Waconia, MN

You have three convenient options to book services, circles, workshops, classes, one to ones, tours, a discovery call, or retreats. 

  1. On the Mindbody App, find The Hive – Waconia: https://get.mndbdy.ly/HRwL96c3Anb
  2. Visit www.thehivemn.com
  3. Call/Text 952-567-9210

We are always taking applications for professional partnerships. Email info@hivemn.com for application and further information.

Healing and Strengthening Mind, Body, and Soul

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