Why the Hive

Our vision is to bring whole mind, body, soul healing to our community through social support, one to ones, workshops, events and retreats with a special focus on mental health.

Our mission is to offer experiences for individuals to build community, support and empower one and another. Finding their strengths from vulnerability, while leaning in on one and another using life hardships as leverage to heal.

Our members  and guests are at the heart of every decision we make. Embracing change and innovation, creating a culture of giving and serving. Building long term relationships, healing through community. #LifeWillStingCommunityWillHeal 

Having a space to gather together and focus on health, wellness and spirituality brings a breath of calm in our busy, hectic lives.

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Women’s Circle

Women’s Circle is our signature gathering facilitated by Heather through a guided process, we gain clarity around our limiting patterns so that we may lovingly transmute them into intentional and actionable change. In our Women’s Circle gatherings women experience a deeper connection within and a shift in perspective in how they relate to themselves and others. Each circle explores a profound new theme where women have the opportunity to share, spend time journaling and listen to the experiences of like-minded women. When we share from a place of authenticity, in a non-judgmental space, we uplift and inspire each other as we travel our own unique journeys.

Women have a sacred bond with each other, a bond of trust, which has broken down and been forgotten by societies over the last decades. Women’s circles help us to rediscover and re-establish that bond and the value of being a woman, having a sisterhood and being a mother in and of the universe.

Women’s circle creates unity. A sacred bond. A safe container to let your walls down and to let your true self be seen.

The journey of healing and self discovery can be hard, and not having support makes it so much more difficult. For this reason, women’s circles are becoming an integral part of the business model.

The facade of “I’m fine” falls away and you can lean into embracing your whole self – the good, the bad, the messy, and everything in between.

When the walls fall away what’s left is the opening to create real, authentic relationships rooted in vulnerability and trust.

In circle we are all equal. No one is above another. You realize that you are not alone with what you’re experiencing in life.  Everyone is going through something. You see yourself in your sisters stories. In their pain, realness, triumphs and tears. You realize that no one has it all together and that life is messy and complicated. And that’s OK.

“Women are awakening. We’re remembering our roots. A remembrance that runs through our blood. This is why when we gather in circle it feels like coming home”.

The Hive Mentorship

“Guiding women through one-on-one mentorship and supporting them in their call to serve.”

The Hive mentorship is a 3 month opportunity to work one-on-one with Heather in support of growing and evolving in your desire and practice of serving women. Heathers extensive training in Peer Support and leading women’s circles for over five years is the foundation of the work she is called to share.

During the mentorship, Heather will guide you through a process to reframe fears, judgements and limiting beliefs that may be present. As you gain clarity around what no longer serves you, you lovingly transmute what is present into intentional and actionable change in order to be of greater service to others. Heather offers the tools, wisdom and conscious techniques that she uses to embody her own work as you navigate your experiences and challenges together.

Integrating your personal work within the structure of the mentorship allows for the exploration of your calling to serve your clients, community and the world through the lens of a conscious business. In holding space and tuning in to your unique style, Heather blends topic-related conversations and the processing of experiences to allow for authentic, non-judgmental and loving guidance. Heather’s intention is to serve others towards embodying true transformational healing and a shift towards higher levels of consciousness.

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